Monday, January 7, 2008

Samsung presents two OLED TVs at CES

Two next-generation OLED models (14.1" and 31") is presented by Samsung at CES 2008 in Las Vegas. "OLED and quadruple full-HD technologies represent an entirely new
paradigm in picture resolution technology," said Dr. Jongwoo Park,
president of Digital Media Business, Samsung Electronics. "This is a
level of clarity that is in some cases four times beyond current
industry standards yet retains the slim fits and light weight that
have made our models preferred among consumers."

OLED is seen as a powerful contender to be at the center of the
future display market mainstream given its very high resolution,
svelte profile and extremely light weight. Electronics manufacturers
have already begun exhibiting these next-generation displays at major
trade shows, but Samsung is going a step further at CES 2008. The OLED
is being presented as a finished TV product that features an elegant,
optimized design.

The chic, ultra-slim OLED TVs employ AM OLED panels developed by
Samsung SDI, a Samsung affiliate dedicated to display production. The
finished products weigh some 40 percent less than other LCD TVs of the
same size while boasting a contrast ratio of 1 million to one, color
gamut of 107% and brightness of 550nit. Samsung will begin commercial
production of mid- to large-sized OLED TVs around 2010. Source: Reuters.

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