Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A laymans view on OLED TV

Modern tech life teems with long-standing dilemmas, questions that never seem to go away. Mac or Windows? Turn off the computer every night or let it sleep? Plasma or LCD? Or why not OLED?

At a cooperative Best Buy store, I did a little test. I set the XEL-1 up next to state-of-the-art plasmas and LCD sets, all hooked up to the same video signal for easy comparison, and recorded the reactions of shoppers and employees. Their adjectives for this picture included "astonishing," "astounding," "incredible" (twice) and "amazing" (five times). They were right. The XEL-1's picture is so colorful, vibrant, rich, lifelike and high in contrast, you catch your breath. It's like looking out a window. With the glass missing. Name a drawback of plasma or LCD -- motion blur, uneven lighting across the panel, blacks that aren't quite black, whites that aren't quite white, limited viewing angle, color that isn't quite true, brightness that washes out in bright rooms, screen-door effect up close -- and this TV overcomes it. Full article here: journalnow.com

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