Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sony ''awfully close'' to start selling a 27-inch OLED TV

Sony is currently selling an 11 inch OLED TV (XEL-1) for about $2,500. This TV is more like an expensive executive desk decoration than a home entertainment product. Sony's COO Stan Glasgow said this week at a dinner event in San Francisco that Sony is "awfully close" to selling a 27" OLED TV. What "awfully close" means in terms of time frames can only be guessed. The biggest problem in producing OLED TVs lies in the amount of manual labor needed according to Sony. The key for Sony is to find ways to automate the production of the OLED screens, which right now require significant amounts of labor. After the 27 inch OLED Sony plans to offer a 40 inch OLED TV. More at Barrons.

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