Saturday, December 20, 2008

Worldwide OLED revenues up 60% year-to-year in third quarter 2008, report says

DisokaySearch report reveals OLEDs still facing strong competition from LCDs. The worldwide OLED display revenue in 3Q08 was US$141M, down 11% Q/Q but up 60% Y/Y, according to a new report by DisplaySearch.

"OLED displays have very attractive performance: wide viewing angle, wide color gamut at all gray scales, fast response time, low power consumption, thin/light weight and wide operating temperature. Lifetime has improved dramatically in recent years, and red and green lifetimes are long enough for many consumer electronic applications. Despite this, OLEDs still face strong price competition from TFT LCDs and PM LCDs," said Jennifer Colegrove, director of display technologies at DisplaySearch.

"The OLED display industry is changing rapidly, with new companies entering the business, existing companies expanding capacity or exiting the market, and other companies changing their application focus," added Colegrove.

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