Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Got Sony's OLED TV

The product positioned as the "Symbol of Sony's Revival" by Ryoji Chubachi, President and Electronics CEO, has finally been released. It is the long-awaited organic EL TV. The date of release is Dec 1, 2007, but ahead of this, some volume retailers have already launched initial sales of the products. The supply is already running short and customers have to wait some time before obtaining the products in most cases. But you don't have to worry. Our Nikkei Electronics Breakdown Team has obtained the precious TV. It is not for the editorial department, but for breaking down and analyzing part of the product that Sony is boasting as the culmination of its technologies. The break down process will be reported to the readers of Tech-On! and Nikkei Electronics.

Read the full story here part #1
Read the full story here part #2

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